Who We Are

The McCormick Movement

We are a small business owned by married couple Ian and Andrea McCormick, with Andrea in the lead as CEO and Ian is the liaison as President of the company. Since our start in January, 2017, we have been on the path of building up businesses of underrepresented persons and starting our own ventures in such. Our first business, Amalgam Arts & Wellness, LLC, works to keep this mission, being not only run and owned by a bisexual African American woman, but to also bring in contractors to work with the company or underrepresented groups.

Amalgam Arts & Wellness, by Owner and Executive Artistic Director Andrea McCormick, is a company that blends the arts with health and wellness. Offering services in Reiki and performing arts, Amalgam Arts & Wellness wants to bridge the gap between artistry and healthcare. Our Rhythm Nation Dance Series gives clients the opportunity to not only explore the seemingly endless genres of dance, but to think differently of their exercise regimen. Our Reiki and Relaxation Group introduces clients to the Japanese holistic treatment of Reiki and meditation with discussion, presentation, and music. All services can also be provided in private and semiprivate sessions. Visit www.AmalgamArtsWellness.com for more information.




Andrea and Ian McCormick: Founders

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